Ella Waltz 06032007

This post is a recording of the composition Ella Waltz by D.E. Jannon, which was published in 1854.

MP3: Lucas Gonze -- Ella Waltz

Ogg Vorbis: Lucas Gonze -- Ella Waltz

It is the third of a set of three waltzes by D.E. Jannon. I have also blogged recordings of Amy Waltz and Carrie Waltz. I don't consider the series finished because I want to redo the Amy one, but who knows whether I'll really come up with a better version in the end. It takes a ton of practice and a lot of trial and error with the arrangement to make one of these recordings, and I have other tunes that I want to move on to.

As I was learning the 3 waltzes I made up a back story for them. In my imagination they are named after D.E. Jannon's three daughters. They are ordered from oldest to youngest. Amy is a teenager, Ella is a little kid, Carrie is in-between. Amy is going through a phase where she is hustling all the time and in a hurry to get away from her parents. Ella has been falling down, dropping things, running into stuff, and generally being accident prone. Carrie is moderate in all things.

The original writing on this tune had dead spots, places where the writing was thin or weak and needed fixing, so I rewrote many of the parts. My version isn't as simple as the original, which is a loss, but it sounds better.

By the way, I got the name of this tune slightly wrong while I was working, and even though I corrected it in the end some of the metadata and file names are wrong. Right: Ella. Wrong: Emma.


These recordings are released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license per my boilerplate licensing statement.

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8 Responses to “Ella Waltz 06032007”

  1. Marco Raaphorst

    Nice one Lucas! Well done. And man, I love the sound of your L3! What did you use as mic?

  2. Lucas

    Great! :)

    The mic is an SM81. I love the sound of it with the L3. They have a muted tone instead of the bright sound that you usually get with an acoustic.

  3. Marco Raaphorst

    Thanks for the information. Have never worked with the SM81 myself, might check it out. I love the less bright sound, a strong midrange is what I want.

  4. lucasgonze

    One other piece of equipment — a Tube MP pre-amp for the mic. That adds a lot of warmth to the sound. You can hear it cranked up to the max on http://blog.gonze.com/2007/06/28/amy-waltz/

  5. Marco Raaphorst

    aha, nice one!

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