playlist: Pride and Envy Lounge

This playlist combines a series of relatively short trance, dub, techno, etc songs from Digital Cutup Lounge with a long sermon that runs at the same time as the songs.

On a technical level this was an experiment in making a collage of audio materials that play at the same time instead of one after the other.



Barrhaven Public School (Image) ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, from
Paul Earnhart (Sermon) Pride and Envy - The Demonic Duo, from This message of this sermon:

Pride and Envy - The Demonic Duo

These sins are often considered to be opposite problems: The pride of superiority and the envy of inferiority. This lesson manifests the common weakness, which opens the door to both sins. The attitude is, in fact, identical for both sins. They differ only in the manifestation under opposite circumstances.

Digital Cutup Lounge (Songs) five mp3s, from digitalcutuplounge.comI really love the first song here. The last one has a jazz fusion feel but is not outright evil.

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