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This is a playlist to listen to at work.

It is odd to listen to noise music or atonal music in a loud server room.



Karlheinz Stockhausen, 53 20.mp3, from
Harold Budd With Zeitgeist, Breathless I.mp3, from
Pharcyde, Funny Style Part One.mp3, from
Bad Religion, Fuck Armageddon This Is Hell, from
John Cage, The Seasons (Summer).mp3, from
Dimitri Shostakovich, Chamber Symphony For Strings Op 110a Allegro Molto (Attacca).mp3, from
John Cage, In The Name Of The Holocaust I.mp3, from
Dimitri Shostakovich, Chamber Symphony For Strings Op110a (Largo).mp3, from
Butthole Surfers, TheShahSleepsinLeeHarv.mp3, from
Bad Religion, Supersonic, from
Zoviet France, Alchemagenta.mp3, from
DNA Le Draw D Kee, Decay.mp3, from
Bad Religion, Cant Stop It, from
Peaches, Lovertits.mp3, from
Pavement, Greenlander.mp3, from
The Soft Boys, Mr. Kennedy.mp3, from
Badly Drawn Boy, Once Around The Block.mp3, from
September Question , Grow Your Own 70s 2hornsoutoftune version.mp3, from

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No, you may be thinking, I mean how do I play the playlist? Answer: click on the big link titled "Work" at the top of this page.


The playlist contains links to songs on the web which are, to our knowledge, posted with authorization. For every song there is also a current image of a corner in midtown Manhattan, courtesy of the webcam at

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  3. which was derived from Brett Singer's original:
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This music is excellent and free. Enjoy.