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Play Twitter
Play Twitter allows you to easily play mp3 files directly on Twitter or MP3 links will automatically become playable right on the page.

A playable link will look this this:

How to install
Drag this link: playTwitter up to your Bookmarks Toolbar (or right-click and choose Bookmark This Link or Add to Favorites) and when you're on a page with links to mp3s, click this button.
How to use

When you see a link that looks like one of these, click the "playTwitter" bookmarklet:

  • Ends with .mp3, like
  • Has "play" before it, like play, and is a web page that has links to MP3s.
  • Is at a URL shortening service for music, like or
Then, when you are on a Twitter entry in that format, select the bookmarklet.
Play Twitter started out as a modification by Lucas Gonze of PlayTagger by Dan Kantor. After a while the player was switched to Yahoo Media Player. Then Ty White created @playTweets.
If you can help write adapters to make an unsupported URL shortening service or media type work, we want you!