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URL Playlists hosted on gonze.com, from most popular to least, for Oct 1-Nov 1, 2003

The following is a popularity listing of playlists hosted on my personal account, considering downloads between Oct 1 and Nov 1, 2003. Since that time the proportion of all playlists to playlists hosted on my account has gone down up too much for me to be able to generate meaningful numbers, so these statistics will not be regenerated for other time periods.

http://gonze.com/playlists/work.smil107See http://gonze.com/playlists/work.html. This was linked on 5-10 blogs.
http://gonze.com/playlists/boom-selection.smil62Just a straight conversion of HTML at boomselection.info to SMIL. I'm sure this is popular because boomselection's taste is so good.
http://gonze.com/playlists/jirku.smil45See http://gonze.com/playlists/jirku.html. The MP3 links went dead for a while when the server host changed them. Attn: Cool URIs don't change.
http://gonze.com/playlists/nph-brettlist.cgi31Might be misranked higher than it should be because of its advanced age, but also might just be popular because of how loose and rock Brett's taste is -- nothing he touched scored as low as the median.
http://gonze.com/playlists/dcl.smil25A straight conversion of the music on Digital Cutup Lounge's MP3 page to SMIL, with images added.
http://gonze.com/playlists/nph-brettnfingertips.cgi23A very early playlist, before we had a SMIL generator.
http://gonze.com/playlists/8bit_rockers.smil17Underrated. I think it's going to be higher in next month's ranking.
http://gonze.com/playlists/pride_and_envy_lounge.smil14This playlist demonstrates client-side remixing -- the sermon is from a completely different source than the audio tracks. See http://gonze.com/playlists/pride_and_envy_lounge.html. this URL was posted on the cc-metadata list.
http://gonze.com/playlists/boom_selection.m3u14Notice how much lower this M3U playlist is than the SMIL playlist with the same material.
http://gonze.com/playlists/pitchfork.smil13Several now-dead links and uninspiring music are keeping this at the bottom of the charts.
http://gonze.com/playlists/8bit_house.smil11Underrated, probably because it was announced in a fairly lifeless blog entry of mine.
http://gonze.com/playlists/open-jirku.smil9This was a trivial edit of Alf Eaton's playlist at the time, with a couple tracks removed and a couple added. The original was better.
http://gonze.com/playlists/pride_n_feedom.smil7This was a trivial edit of Jim Nachlin's pride_n_envy_n_freedom.smil. The original was better.

Analysis of popularity listing

In the histogram, notice the peak around the median popularity (the two dots up higher than the rest) and the beginning of a power law curve (the drastically thinning density as you move right) around the most popular items. The most popular item has 107 hits, almost twice as many as the next most popular item, with 62 hits, which is about three times the median.

             maximum: 107
              median: 18
             minimum: 1

             average: 26.5882352941176
  standard deviation: 25.7076321924283
                 sum: 452
          item count: 17

                      |       . .                                                 
                      |.  .. .     ..   .  .   .         .                       .